The Wholesale Version of Infolenz has been developed after an in-depth research of requirements in Wholesale Shops/ Business dealing in Eye-Glasses, Lens & Frames.

Features of Infolenz – Wholesale Business

1. Company Management – You can manage multiple companies and their details and use the software for more than one company if needed.


2. Stock / Inventory Management – Infolenz keeps track of your Stock / Inventory from entry to sales.You can set alarming levels for your stock quantities and set automatic re-ordering system if needed.


3. SKU Management - SKU Stands for Stock Keeping Unit and as the name suggests it is a necessary part for the nomenclature of products in any wholesale business. SKU helps the business owners to name the products such that the name itself contains all the necessary information about respective group, type, family , specification etc. Our Software Comes with an unique and advanced feature of generating SKUs for Powered Lenses.

You can select the-

  • Lens type
  • Lens Company
  • Spherical Power Range
  • Cylindrical Power Range
  • Range of Axis &
  • Range Of Power Addition

Based on these parameters and their respective values a unique SKU will be generated and you can use it as Product Name in the Stock Entry section.

4. BIll Management – Infolenz has Features to manage Sales Bills & Purchase Bills. You can customize the template of your bills , size of print etc. Generated bills are saved in the database and can be printed anytime as per the requirement, sorting of bills , filtering of bills based on various values like Clients , Date, Suppliers etc. is also possible. Options to Reverse the Sales and Purchase made is also there.

bill management

5. Accounts Management – You Can add any number of Supplier’s Account & Customer’s Account. Sorting of Purchase Made with respect to Suppliers and Sales Made with respect to Clients can be easily done for calculations and analysis.

  • Variable Discount for Clients – You can set Variable Discount for Different Clients and select brands you need to set as discountable and set different value of discount percentage for different product brands. This will lead to an automatic discount detection in the Sales Bill for the Respective Client.
  • Sort & Filter Credited/Debited Clients and Suppliers

6. Profit & Loss Calculation – Date-wise, Month-Wise, Day-Wise etc.

7. Graphical Analysis – Our Software comes with detailed analytic features. You can view the stats in Graphical Form as well. For eg. Sales made per day, purchase made per day, clients added in a particular duration of time etc.

graphical analysis